What are you doing in this life is the question we should be asking ourselves every day if we want ever to move forward into a better place where none of the life’s little problems can tear the aspects of what we adore. What are you in this life is the second thought that should let an inkling of revelation pass into your mind jogging the memory of wonder and belief that you can do anything. But all the people you have met in this life have told you something different, a query you should be asking is how many connections did you make in the journey. And how strong are they really can they profit you more than another that could mean friends from your childhood or the inspirational people you can meet in this life. Another could be a girlfriend is she positive or supportive of you or has she developed a solitary or negative outlook on life like car window tinting or something like that.

What Knowledge Do you Hold: knowledge is the combination of both education and experience over the course of your life and without it, you are nothing. Because it defines who you are regarding reactions, decisions, and rationalizations, surrounded by a personality formed from this and it will see you in the most epic and disappointing situations. Though time and nothing will ever make sense but just because it won’t doesn;t mean they shouldn’t exist, memories are what we birth from all these circumstances reminding us of what we have both achieved and survived and no moment will seem small in the end. No one person ever tells you that because it makes you important which you are a human life can be so amazing while giving so much ti all around it. Living to the point when you can look back and see what you did and being satisfied by it is a dream not everyone in the world gets to have but if you believe is hard enough nothing can sit outside your reach. For only one moment you can be a fantastic tale song across the ages like the heroes of old who’s names are remembered long after the dust from their bones has returned to the earth. Riding out of the sun living the five moments which determine your story and how it is told by everyone around the world, from the safaris of Africa to the every lasting plains all around the world.