Knowledge is the thing that makes us the heroes of tomorrow, a time when the shadow of yesterday will pass into the memories of those who are to come. Charging forward into the fray no matter the danger into the last good fight we will ever know is when you truly die that day uncompounded by regrets and maybes. What in front of you is the most important thing you can do in this life even if it’s not easy to do since we can only truly live to the fullest when we have to overcome obstacles laid before us in life? Everyone shall sit under their own wisdom and experience under the tree of knowledge; no one should make them bend to the will of this world that humanity has ruined. What speaks to me is that of the end where we can relax in the shade place we have made but until meant old, we must strive to get to this place.
In the past, I was guided by those who came before me and sacrificed things so today I can do what I believe to be right without making the same sacrifices they made. Looking forward I know a better day is coming life is not thrown away so easily by people who don’t understand its gift so let the light pf knowledge clear their minds of all the hate and foul things created by false lies. Only weakness can exist when we have nothing but wrong thoughts it makes you strong when you learn how to fuel yourself with all the good and bad things later in your life this power will allow you to rise above all the coming darkness. The reason I’m bringing this up is the reality most circumstances that occur test you in life aren’t always going to end good and the skills to think of answers to problems by applying the instruments you have at hand wither it be experiences or pure wisdom. All through life when things actually matter we must grapple to obtain it at the moment like Jacob did when stood against evil and was proclaimed Israel for the land his people will one day reside in.