Be Selfish

The enemy is not always the most revealing person they could be a relationship in which a person holds you back from your dream just to satisfy their own selfishness. Not just that family members the worst monster who will stand in your way never allow I the pleasure of living for free in your mind, push past all the things that make you believe nothing can get better. I myself have felt this weakness called emotions, which has and always will be one of the mental/ chemically psychological things that impede the improvement of external things in your life. One lesson all of us have learned in this life is how can a moment of emotional thinking propels you into a negative mindset, that only focus and revelation can save you from falling into a pit of nothing. What I mean by this is think before you do something whether it be driving or purchasing something for your home something to do with work or a relationship find a more productive way of getting things in your day done. The first step is stop looking in the mirror and thinking negative things about the person you see that’s not who you really are, that’s a lie you let manifest into the world who now represents what you are to the rest of humanity. A phone doctor  can’t help with everything in your life so you will just to figure it out on through a series of failures and success.

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I’ve found always walking forward no matter what in front of yourself is the most substantial task you can do in this course even if it’s not simple to do since we can solely absolutely live to the extensive when we have to overcome hindrances laid ahead us in life. Everyone shall sit beneath their own sky and lay in a meadow of dreams not troubled by the world’s lies; no one should gain them upset in this world that God has delivered. Is what expresses to me since it speaks of the end where we can relax in the shade of home, we have made that until we’re old, we must work to get to this place.
In the past, I was overcome by bitter resolve which I conceived made me sick, but no it makes you powerful when you discover how to employ it for the good in your time. The reason I am drawing this up is the fact most actions that happen to you in life aren’t relatively good and the ability to create solutions to matters by using the means you have at disposal wither it be facilities or rational endurance. All through life when things actually matter we must cope to obtain it in the victory we are owed. rubbish clearance

Kings Question

In this life, we have little to hold us to what we need to be and sometimes the mind of one who has been tainted can make the biggest impact. Youth is the future of this world, and the old must pass into legend so something new can take its place. Nowadays most people don’t rightly know what that means mostly because they have been lead into a society where the idea of being owed is stronger than the need to dominate and prove one’s worth. No matter how high we sit in the plateau’s of life we must always look to another sometimes to survive here’s a story from of my favourite tales from the book you may know them well but here’s the shepherd boy and the king by the brothers grim. Continue reading


Knowledge is the thing that makes us the heroes of tomorrow, a time when the shadow of yesterday will pass into the memories of those who are to come. Charging forward into the fray no matter the danger into the last good fight we will ever know is when you truly die that day uncompounded by regrets and maybes. What in front of you is the most important thing you can do in this life even if it’s not easy to do since we can only truly live to the fullest when we have to overcome obstacles laid before us in life? Everyone shall sit under their own wisdom and experience under the tree of knowledge; no one should make them bend to the will of this world that humanity has ruined. What speaks to me is that of the end where we can relax in the shade place we have made but until meant old, we must strive to get to this place. Continue reading